​What i m going to bring to the table both country and my constituency in Zamfara – Lugga

By Khalifa Ja’afar

The Zamfara state Senatorial aspirant, Hon Mouktar Lugga declared that he is going to the Senate to work for the unity and progress and oneness of Nigeria. To help to make such laws that will promote equal opportunity for every citizen of this country.
To help to make such laws that every citizen of this country will attain to his/her God given potentials where how far you can go will not be determined by where you come from, but solely by your talent and ability.

For my constituents, I am going there for them, to engage in those activities that will attract the much amenities to my Senatorial zone, that will help to create jobs, to empower the teaming youths who are unemployed, to also help to give more scholarships to those who want to go to school, who presently I cannot accommodate through my foundation, because of limited resources.

Simply put, I’m going there to create greater opportunities for the people of my constituencies in all socio-economic areas.

Mind you that my people are mainly traders. I will also help to make such laws that will remove impediments, that will help their businesses to thrive and do better, because when they do better they engage more hands, to promote the well-being and welfare of my constituents in any way possible provided it is legal and within the ambience of the law. —


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