34 Days to Election: Verification still on-going in Zamfara:

The Managing Director of the Zamfara state Leagacy News Paper, Iliyasu Idris show Staff fear for their jobs after announced and start verification as some of the staff had so far been cleard today while others to be verify tomorrow.
Some of the staff who spoke in confidence said “the proces was to lay-off workers in order to give another space to the state government, saying such exercise should have been done by the MD of the Leagacy News Paper not the state government”
My question is ‘why verification durin this titanic battle?’ its safe to say that Zamfarawa have been counting down to the 2015 election, now less than 35 days. This election year will be crucial one for Zamfarawa because of the power play at both APC & PDP as they are really out for political show down.
APC want to hold tight to Zamfara governmentt house while PDP is strongly pushing for a change of government. But instantly another spanner trowed in the state workes at this period…
Report by Khalifa Ja’afar


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