Zamfara APC hands over Party structure to PDP

By: Khalifa Ja’afar

There are indications that all may not be well with Zamfara state APC as a frustration and fears being expressed by some of the members of the party are not limited.
Besides the struggle for political appointment between the defected PDP members and old members of the fast growing party ANPP/APC, but unfortunately over five PDP decampees were locked occupied all the vacancies of the APC members that moved to PDP.
Governor Abdul-Aziz Yari assume that good human right activists do not make great leaders, but that is a political error or assumption.
A part from the strong opposition party in the state as regards to People Democratic Party (PDP), the Zamfara state APC is divided into three as APC1 (old ANPP members), APC2 (abandoned members) and APC3 (Decampees members), though APC1 and APC2 are formidable than APC3.
The situation in Zamfara APC party was a complicated, this is why some of the members of the APC would likely join the novel PDP any moment than to remain extraneous in the state politics or otherwise.
Comrade Jamil Zanna and Shehu Isa (Baraden Gusau) just last week dump PDP and join, they never occupied any political position, but Jamil Zanna was once a state labour activist, Baraden Gusau did not acquire any administrative experience any where and now they are Zamfara Commissioners, what a great victory?
So, the fact is that PDP members come to APC while the real APC members are abandoned, if one can judge, it is being speculated that Governor Abdul-Aziz Yari handed over the party structure to PDP, because if you look at the state APC campaign director to presidential candidate is Bature Umar Sambo from PDP, his deputy Sagir Hamidu also from PDP, state APC gubernatorial campaign director is Ikra Aliyu Bilbis from PDP, Secretary to the state government, Tijjani Yahya Kaura from PDP, five Zamfara serving commissioners also from PDP and many others, while prominent APC members that contests but not emerge as the candidate are abandoned, in spite of all effort they have done in the party but paid back negatively to the good effort and support they have done.
Reflect back the administration of Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi, three months to 2011 general election, five of his party loyalist that contest and not emerge as the candidate was appointed occupy the position of the decampeees without any selfish interest, unlike Abdul-Aziz Yari that giving the appointment base on his interest.
That means some individuals own Zamfara APC party. While the APC is a political flat form, like you said from the beginning, is a plat form which Nigerian people will own and call their own”, but nothing like that in Zamfara APC. It equally means that the party is no longer a party in Zamfara, its like a property of some individuals, that does not really reflect democracy. Basically, looking at it, you can see that there is no basis for further relations.
On the other hand, the anointed political flag bearer that has not emerge as the candidate for the great contest but the man to the seat has already be decided by Ahmad Sani (Yariman Bakura) or Governor Abdul-Aziz Yari. Even if the party primaries are conducted, the man to occupy the position is already elected before the election in the Zamfara ruling party (APC). It is clear fact that Zamfara APC is now a party of Wolves in Sheep’s clothing, the party was full of injustice and impunity only few APC members enjoy the wealth of the state.
To speak the truth, Abdul-Aziz Yari’s plan in the party is to frustrate the old ANPP/APC members, and i can confidently say it that you and your party (APC) are becoming unpopular by the day in Zamfara, if you do nothing to over come these irritations, no any assistance from you to must of Zamfara APC members either in kind or in cash. These will be enough reason for PDP to leverage on and campaign with, to win in the forth coming February 2015 general elections.
written by: Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau


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