Zamfara Assembly probes majority leader for allegedly fighting driver over woman

The Zamfara House of Assembly on Friday directed its Ethics and Privileges Committee to investigate the fight between its majority leader and the governor’s chief driver over a woman.

This followed a “call to order” letter by the state Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Lawali Kaura, and read on the floor of the house under “matters of urgent public importance”.

The Clerk of the House, Isa Bayero, read the letter which urged the lawmakers to investigate the Monday, May 4 brawl to save the state and the party from embarrassment.

The Speaker, Sanusi Rikiji, directed the committee to summon all parties involved, including the woman, security agents, eyewitnesses and other relevant bodies.

Mr. Rikiji warned that any invitee who failed to appear before the committee, headed by the Chief Whip, Abdulmumini Isa, would be treated as a law breaker.

The committee is expected to submit its report on June 27.

The majority leader, Salisu Musa (Tsafe North) was involved in an open fight with the governor’s chief driver, Idris Garba.

The woman operates a restaurant in Gusau, The majority leader had told journalists that he had “business’’ with the lady for some time now.

Mr. Musa said during the fight, the driver tried to bite off his fingers but for the timely intervention of the police.

The matter generated mixed feelings among people of the state.



One thought on “Zamfara Assembly probes majority leader for allegedly fighting driver over woman

  1. …SHAME ON THEM! Irresponsibly stupids!, that is how and where they are stealing and spending public money over their harlots, all of them.. No single mercy over workers nor masses, how could a whole lawmaker openly fights with a Driver over so called Girlfriend.. What a bloody shame! so zamfara we are unlucky to have such group of illitrates in our House of assembly..

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