Zamfara Fights: Lawmaker seizes girlfriend’s car, battles to recover gifted cash

image Salisu Musa Tsafe

The Zamfara state embattled Majority Leader of the House of Assembly, Salisu Musa Tsafe has seized a car earlier gifted to his alleged controversial girlfriend (Saratu Garba) after noticing that her faithful in love was in favor of his rival, Governor Yari’s senior driver, Malam Idris Tsafe.

In a phone conversation by the alleged voices of the house leader and the controversial girl played in Hausa language which was suspected to have been recorded to share with some trusted friends by the girlfriend herself, and also made available to newsmen in Gusau, the state capital, the house leader has declared the cancellation of the car-gift made to comfort her living along with unspecified huge amount of money. “So you have collected back your car simply to consolidate to me the amount of irresponsible manner you have, and for your information, I will surely not return all the money you gave me even if you take me to court as you have whispered to my hearing, because I will not end in loss after my relationship with you”, fired Saratu.


She further defied Salisu Musa, saying she was virtually ready to defend herself before the court over the money, “I have confidence in my persuasive points available to convince the court that I deserve the money you dashed me, but for the car, keep going with it, and should forget the issue of money”. “Yes, it is your fault for tactically refusing to encourage the existence of anticipated mutual understanding between me and you, and I did not say I will take you to court for all the money I dashed you.

But for that matter, if you can recall I said I was coming to Gusau on Monday just to meet with you, which I did without the company of anybody so that nobody would know what transpires between us, but you kept giving me numerous excuses by replying whether you were busy doing work at shop or another thing else”, challenged House Leader.

The alleged voice of the girlfriend expressed why she was not happy with the lawmaker as he breached the agreement earlier made that nobody would have knowledge of who bought the car for her.

Unfortunately, she claimed that, one of his friends met her somewhere to congratulate her for being gifted with a car by the House Leader.

The house leader persuasively sworn in the good name of the Almighty God that, he did not inform any of his friends about the car-gift for the girl unless if she leaked it to somebody very close to her that, she thought she has confidence that would not expose the secret by herself.

The lawmaker further gave his words of honour to her, saying, “How could I tell anybody that I bought car for you while multitude number of my relatives and close friends were desperately asking me for financial assistance even far less than what I was spending to make you comfortable, but they still remained unattended”.

Meanwhile, the state House of Assembly earlier last week, has directed its committee on Ethic and Privilege to investigate the true picture of the two fighting over rivalry on girlfriend that involved its Majority Leader and the Senior Driver to Governor Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar.

It could be recalled that honourable members of Zamfara State impeached the majority leader, Hon. Salisu Musa Tsafe for fighting the state governor’s senior driver…


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