How does free meal improve our Educational System:

By: Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau

Two days ago at the 45th Annual Accountants conference held at presidential villa Abuja. Vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo said “the president muhammadu Buhari’s administration would soon commence giving Primary school children  free meals”.

This is very good initiative, the student will be very happy but, to me I don’t think this is the next thing to do. You don’t just feed the children but make their teachers comfortable, so that the children would get quality teaching because they comes to school for learning not for meal only, so if you give free meal to children while the teachers are the worst paid workers is just like a case of giving the man fish rather than teaching him how to catch it.

Mr. President, what we expect from you and our state governors first is to pay N18,000 primodually promise of minimum wage to teachers whom their salaries cannot properly feed them or cloth, shelter or make their lives bearable. They are on the down side in the pecking order of Nigeria’s wage system. Teachers are now beggars, frustrated and disappointed.

Mr. President, we are 100% supports your fighting against corruption campaign  which is the biggest challenge in the country, we really support you on that and we witnesses alot of things are now working under your adminstration. Mr. President, I pray Allah (s.w) to direct you well. Do not be afraid of the evil negative elements, you are the elected executive president, be decisive and firm. Make the welfare of Nigerian teachers, promote them when due, factor the youths into your programmes, take safety and security very serious. Mr. President, get into action and make us proud. God bless and protect you.

Written by: Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau


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