The Slogan “Farming is our pride” no longer exist in Zamfara

ZAMFARA (Farming is our pride) ofcouse yes, its our state slogan bcos agriculture being the mainstay of our state economy but yet the common man in Zamfara spends a large percentage of his income on food. A family of five (father, mother, and 3 children) spends average of N15,000 of his N18,000 minimum wage on food, not to talk of primary school teachers that never even at once enjoy N18,000 minimum wage. That is why there is so much hunger and anger on the streets anywhere in Zamfara. And there is no any attempts by the state govenment to make food produce affordable and available since our major problem is not the supply but the affordability.

We there for call on to the state government to look in to our problems with a view to solven them, we really want our state Zamfara to change from being a Nigerian headquarter of poverty as recorded by the UN 2014 statistics to come back to its real slogan (farming is our pride).

By:- Khalifa Ja’afar


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