2019: Will Zamfara Central produce a Governor?

By Khalifa Ja’afar

Zamfara Central Senatorial District is made up of four local government areas, Gusau, Tsafe, Maru and Bungudu. It is the zone with the highest voting population in Zamfara State. It is the largest in terms of size when compared to other senatorial districts. The zone has also produced powerfull politicians who have dominated the landscape in the country during the aborted Third Republic, the zone produced many politicians of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP)and National Republican Convention (NRC).
As the race to succeed Abdul-Aziz Yari gathers momentum, some politicians from the central zone, especially in the All Progressives Congress (APC) are insisting that it is the turn of Zamfara Central to produce the next governor. But APC is silent on zoning, and some of the party members have insisted on power going to  Zamfara north, even though it is the turn of Zamfara Central Senatorial district to produce the next governor of the state as it is the zone that has never produced a governor since the creation of Zamfara State, Zamfara west having produced two governors in the persons of Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura 1999 to 2007 while Mahmud Aliyu Dallatun Shinkafi from Zamfara north 2007 to 2011, instead of power going to central zone after Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi, but Zamfara west again producing the current Governor, Abdul-Aziz Yari Shattiman Mafara who is on the verge of completing his two tenure of eight years”.

It was only natural that Zamfara Central should be allowed to produce the next governor. Though the speakership seat now in Zamfara central, the Deputy Governor also in Zamfara central, It is time for Youths and Leaders in Central zone to rally around the idea that zoning arrangement must be respected. We must let the leadership of both parties know that the secret or rumored calculation in the forthcoming election is unacceptable. Be conscious enough that even though other governors from another district may do one or two infrastructural developments in Central zone, it cannot be compared to when our own son is a governor of the state because nobody can love you more than you love yourself.

My only worries is that “Who can be APC 2019 governorship candidate in Zamfara central? Senator Marafa or Deputy governor, Ibrahim Wakkala? These two strong APC governorship aspirants from the same (central) zone makes me to think that APC is severely divided, we are not as united as we were during past elections. Though these two candidates Wakkala and Marafa did not publicly show their interest in Governance, another what I fear is going to kill us in district is the division and disunity among leaders of the party. We have many factions, you cannot get a leader to call for a meeting where every other leader will honour and attend. The only leader that can summon a meeting of APC leaders in Central zone is only Senator Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura but he is from Zamfara west, and cannot be a central zone leader. I saw former party chairman,  Ibrahim Ruwandoruwa as someone who can bring everybody together and a rally point. But I understand he is nursing a governorship ambition to his son. Any patriotic man from central zone will be happy to have the next governor come from the district. If we are not given the slot it will amount to dis-service to the people. We can only get what we want if there is unity among us. So long as this disunity remains we are going to miss a lot of things.

This is the most challenge about Zamfara central political leaders i have ever come across. Do we need a seer to tell our leaders irrespective of their political divide that it is only district son as governor of the state that can give Zamfara central the real dividends of democracy? Our past and recent history as a people greatly marginalised should instruct us on the truism of the view powerfully and fearlessly expressed above.

Our leaders should constantly keep in mind that it is what we proclaim to the outside world that we are that they would take us for. When you call your property a garbage material other people would assist you to throw it far deep into the garbage heap! People in Zamfara central are resourceful, intelligence, politically vibrant, achievers in virtually all fields of human endeavour, tried and tested with positive, transformative and visible results in leadership positions within the state, nationally and internationally. But why are some of our leaders not able to read the barometre and see the need to pursue a central zone governorship agenda? Could it be that there is compromise some where? Could it be that there are wrong political calculations by some of them that seem to instill some fear into them of the possible loss of some gains should central zone governor emerge? Could it be that the rallying point is missing because of the political divide? What exactly is wrong with our leaders that they are not able to speak with one resounding voice?

This cacophony of voices of our leaders must stop and the time for it is now. Let all our leaders come together irrespective of political divide and fashion out an agenda to actualise our collective dream of producing a governor from central zone. May God assist us in this struggle…

Written by:- Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau


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