Who Deserves To Be The Next Governor In Zamfara Come 2019?

By Khalifa Ja’afar

Let’s begin by introducing the trustworthiness politicians, because trust is important, whether in marriage, employer-employee relationships, friends or elected officials. Trust, however, with today’s politicians is unbecoming every now and again. Are there any trustworthy politicians in Zamfara?

After  six years from 2011 to date, watching politicians’ actions, especially my zone; Zamfara central. Trusting them is like trusting an Armed robber who had not eaten for a day. 
However, My people should please step up to the plate and actively seek out candidates who they think are honorable and trustworthy, not politicians practicing politics of money, politics of rice and what have you.
Moreover, you may likely find someone who you trust and queue behind him as your career politician but he is not going to add value to your life; Only that he comes today, gives you a bag of rice, after a while it is exhausted; and tomorrow also comes and gives you N10,000 that may not cook a pot of soup that will last for three weeks. Only few of you benefiting from him. We therefore have to move beyond that. It is all about someone you know  who would have built  what would have been done today that could secure or guarantee your future and that of your children.
Whether we like it or not, the tomorrow of Zamfara State cannot be adequately taken care of without reference to its yesterday. A man who fails to keep the memory of his yesterday be it success or failure cannot adequately take care of his tomorrow. Trustworthy politicians who become Governor in Zamfara state after Abdul-Aziz Yari are anchored or tap-rooted in the systematic progress and development of Zamfara State. I think the vital questions for who wants to be a Governor of our dear State are: 

  • What is his interest in Governance?
  • Are you aspiring for governorship to enrich yourself and your family?
  • Are you coming to be a Governor for the name sake, docile, while your political Godfather and few people loot the treasury at your watch and you do nothing about it?

We need leaders who will cry and weep when the people cry and weep like what Muhammadu Buhari did during his campaign. We need leaders who will smile and laugh only when they see such expressions of emotion in the people like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo when he increased minimum wage and Yariman Bakura paid Zamfara civil servant more than what federal government was paying.
We are tired of leaders who sit back in their cozy houses and offices sipping tea and lemons, while their people’s houses are being swept away by flood and erosion. We are tired of leaders who fly in aeroplanes while their people die in undone death-trap roads and streets. We are tired of leaders who send their children to overseas schools while the children of the poor   have been schooling in dilapidated buildings under sun and rain. We are tired of leaders who leave our health facilities unequipped for our use while they use our money to fly overseas for treatment.
We need leaders who are and will ever be touched with the feeling of our sufferings. All these should form the basis for who our next Governor should have been. This person should/must have been better than our previous governors by far, otherwise, we will not settle for the less. We wants their successor in office to do better than them. In fact this is the mind of a selfless, pragmatic, and progressive leader who has the people’s interest deeply rooted in his heart. A good leader produces better leaders who will not only sustain his dreams and visions, but also enhances on them.
There is nothing wrong with anyone to aspire for the office of the governor; but the populace deserves to know early enough, specifically the vision of each candidate – and how they intend to run the State. We need to know their plans for Zamfara State especially how they intend to enshrine permanent peace and drive economic development. Enough of clandestine and underground politicking!!
Until the world comes to an end, the governors and leaders of our dear state are going to be from Zamfara State citizens. Therefore, while men do their selection, we need earnest prayers by those who know how to pray, so that ‘Righteous’ men will emerge from  primaries  elections and make us to rejoice and dance thereafter. We must pray against Satan’s candidates who will take us back to the quagmire of underdevelopment.
As far as I am concerned, we should play down on the things which had dragged us backward hitherto. If it is possible, I can lay aside issues of zoning (as demonstrated in my previous article, titled “Will Zamfara Central Produce A Governor?” ). In fact, if a man from another state has continually been resident in Zamfara State as required by the Nigeria Constitution to qualify as citizen; and is qualified by his pedigree to rule well as a governor or leader, such a person should be allowed. The qualities of a leader should be uppermost in our hearts and not sentiments. Sentiments sometimes, gives people failure, backwardness and disappointments!
We therefore have to scrutinize the activities of politicians who seek to govern Zamfara State. If you want to run a private business, we don’t need to go through all this, but if you want to govern the state as well as if you want to be entrusted with public treasury, certainly, it can’t be those who already have a history of stealing shamelessly and not those who cannot keep up to their promises and forget any of their well wishers who contribute immensely in one way or the other during campaign.

This is a wake up call!

Written by: Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau


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