Zamfara2019:  The Six (6) Category/Type Of People Support Ibrahim Wakkala

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By Khalifa Ja’afar

The Zamfara state deputy governor and gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Ibrahim Wakkala Muhammad, has a host of supporters on the Social Media than any other politician in Zamfara state due to his intervention, actively, on the Social Media activities. This intervention has resulted in having a lot of supporters on Facebook and WatsApp.
Beside the Social Media, he has large number of supporters in the central zone specifically Gusau, Tsafe amongst others.
Set of the people below are amongst his supporters:

1• Pro-Yarima: As far as this set of people is concerned, they blindly support any candidate as long as he belongs to Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura, wherever he may ask them to go politically, would have been their final destination whether they like it or not and therefore expected to become die hard supporters of Ibrahim Wakkala.
2• His Relatives and Friends: If you were in his shoes, where are you going to pitch your tent? Do I need to write something about this set of people? Friends and relatives will support you no matter the challenge except and unless for the fact that the person is irresponsible and/or fake friends. YES, if so facto, they are not Qualify to be addressed as your friends nor your family!
3• Indigene of Gusau: This is another set of people who support him just because he is a bonafide indigene of Gusau. It is as simple as A, B and beautiful C.
4• Those Who Are Tired Of The Present Administration: They are tired of Abdul-Aziz Yari! His style in governance, policy and programmes are not favourable to them and loudly cry out for substitution! They think the only candidate who could change this government’s policy and programmes to better would have been Ibrahim Wakkala. So who else will they support?
5• The Follow-Follow: This set of people only follow what majority of people are being projecting Online and therefore as far as the internet is concerned they are  fully in supporting Ibrahim Wakkala just because they see people online writing or chanting “Sai Malam sai Malam” (Up Malam) no more no less.

6• Those Who Stand With Him: They are being selected and few people within Gusau and Tsafe whom he inspires in the need to fight and stand with him since he knows no any leader would hitherto abandoned his people and then galvanised them to stand firm and fight for him.
So far so good, but  alas! These six (6) category/type of supporters are not really good and strong enough to build a government or take one to the promise land. Hence, I therefore call on Ibrahim Wakkala, the deputy governor, to wisely and earnestly reflect back 2011and identify his well wishers whom he enjoyed  robust and overwhelming support who, along the line, risk all they had to ensure he became the deputy governor of Zamfara state, instead of giving ears to political blackmailers and sycophants in which some of them (‘Yan tayi dadi) have just come closer to him so as to divide his house which may lead to a bitter and unpleasant end (God forbid).

Quensequently, let me give a glaring example of people who had campaigned for him on the Social Media that we very well know since 2010. I am not citing this example for myself, but for the entire youths on the Social Media in such away that must of them queue behind him as their political Godfather, thus, i believe what they are really seeing today is not what they clamoured for. I therefore only want to remind him how he started, how they marched for him and how they faced the gunboats for his sake. If not for the wonderful triumph over the previous government, most of them would have been kept in secret facilities if former Governor Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi had return to the power April 2011. Yet, all they see today are negligence and rejection, (duk mai son gaskiya ya san haka).

Back to the memory lane, now about seven years despite the host of supporters he has on the Social Media, you hardly mention a single person from this world  (Social Media) who he has lifted from poverty to self-reliance or sponsored a single person from the social media to any Nigerian institution not to talk of abroad.
Now he want to succeed governor Abdul-Aziz Yari come 2019. How does he expect such people to dedicate their energy and their resources to stand firm, once again, and fight for him?
Finally, I believe those abandoned people are ‘smart’ and ‘strong’ enough to lead his campaign organisation on the Social Media but, unfortunately, they have been reduced to the actors in a silent movie.
Written by: Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau


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