Interview granted by President’s wife is sad but the truth 

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The controversial interview granted by President’s wife Aisha Buhari is really sad but the truth that I called sincerity, say the truth nomatter what or keep shut. Many people blame Aisha for betraying and exposing her husband’s government, I really doubt if she can do that to her husband, I can’t believe it. I only call it sincerity to the husband because history will be written tomorrow of his failure after so many attempts. Therefore whatever you see it, I believe Aisha loves and wants her husband to succeed than you. She knows her husband more than any Nigerian. The fact is that President Muhammadu Buhari is caged by men (‘yan tayi dadi) who did not even vote for him which resulted his wife and other members of the APC frustrated with the President because he has refused to make the change expected of his government. This I can say kudos to Aisha, one day your kind words of encouragement and truth shall yield positive result.

By: Khalifa Ja’afar


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