KillingsKillings And kidnapping become common in Zamfara

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By Khalifa Ja’afar

Killings and Kidnapping in Zamfara is gradually becoming a mainstay in our lives. The quest for opulence and wanton disregard for the sanctity of human lives has bequeathed on us a depraved society of youthful rascality. How did we get to this extent? Any news about Zamfara this time will give you a sleepless nights.

If any state in the Northwestern Nigeria recorded rampant cases of attacks these days it was Zamfara, despite the ‘Operation Harbin Kunama’, launched by the President Muhammadu Buhari at Kuyen Bana Forest in Zamfara State against cattle rustlers and bandits terrorising, but the state turned to the kidnapping capital of Nigeria.

 Common Fulani herdsmen giving us headache and want to bring down the state economy to zero level. I was very shocked yesterday when I read the report from the BBC Hausa Service of kidnapping over 40 people at Magami in Gusau Local government area of Zamfara state which unfortunately cost the life of two police officers and four civilian. May their soul rest in peace.

This is really high time the state Government has to come in; since the governor is the chief security officer of the state. In this time of recession, we have so far seen many weird acts in Zamfara, Reports of kidnapping have become common in the state, people engaging in theft, rubbery, and even rate of killing innocent people. Zamfara state in five years experienced the worst form of such crimes in Nigerian history and still no one has been used as example by death sentence.

kidnapping which was first initiated by Niger Delta Militant, the Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba have never thought of kidnapping as a lucrative job until Niger Deltans introduced it. Today, Northern Region especially Zamfara have found kidnapping a good business. Not knowing that kidnapping does not make you rich, riches comes from Allah (s.w) alone. So do not try to dress it up nicely, kidnapping is not a business, it is a callous heartless crime that cares little for the misery and suffering inflicted on others and exploiting the desperation of others.

Now is time, Government should must enshrine the DEATH PENALTY for kidnapping into our constitution before they finish us off, because it appears every greedy thief is trying to use it to raise money while causing hardship on innocent victims and their loved ones.
May God frustrate all the plans of the wicked and lead the police to capture the evil ones… Ameen

Written by: Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau


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