​The Fact Behind The Viral Video of Senator From Zamfara

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By Khalifa Ja’afar

The two minute video of an elderly man kissing a woman went viral earlier this week, and must people claimed the man was a Senator Sahabi Ya’u Kaura from Zamfara state.

Actually the man is not a senator but a traditional ruler in one local government of Sokoto state, and the woman in the video is his wife who recorded and sent the video to her mate to make her feel ‘jealous’. The mate on the other hand shared the video online. This I can say is a big lesson to all the women that love to record their private life and share it to their friends.

That’s the reason why i always introspect before I put any pieces here on social media, when I see these explicit posts from mischievous and naughty people especially from our Muslim brothers, I feel like getting can to flog anyone that shares it online. Its is quiet ridiculous, who are always looking for a way to bring others down will be brought down as well… So be careful…
Written by Khalifa Ja’afar


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