28km road at the cost of 10b is not our concern but pay long suffering civil servants and pensioners

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Construction of 28km road in particular local government at the cost of N10billion is not my concern, because money already goes to the wrong hands, not only Zamfara, majority of the state Governors embark on elephant projects, vacationing, and inflation of project sums. I doubt if there is any state not building roads, though, the disbursement was subject to an agreement by state governments that 50% of any amount received would be earmarked for the payment of salaries and pensions, despite receiving government bailout. This was mean to give the states additional support and enable them meet those challenges.

The Zamfara Government has less number of civil servants compared to all the remaining states. Therefore, Zamfara should simply be able to at least match the developmental stride of states with less than half of their allocation and, hope the governor will be able to use the remaining to pay civil servant and pensioners their 100% salary and arrears. I would not on the other hand blame the governor if he fail to comply, I only blame President Muhammadu Buhari. Why?

Because if President in his heart of heart really want us to start enjoying the change, this over 6billion UDdollars Paris club refund should not be given to the Governors. Yes!

Where is the Excess Crude Fund given to them by President Jonathan?
Where is the Bailout Fund given to them last year?

This 6. 9billion dollars should be used to fix our Electricity problem once and for all!

Let the Governors do their worse, history will judge and remember who actually is the Public Enemy.

By Khalifa Ja’afar


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