Is There Any Silver Bullet In Buhari’s Administration Which Solves Our Problem?

Contact me: Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn By Khalifa Ja’afar Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, is a mild – mannered former Nigerian military, head of state in the 1980s who, again, became an unlucky elected president in 2015 and, therefore, faces his biggest challenges  amidst worst economic crisis, religious violence, cattle rustling and kidnapping across the country. The whole idea of […]

My Elder Brother’s Son Depart To Lebanon

Contact me: Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn ​ My Elder Brother’s son Mahdi Nasir Ja’afar depart to Lebanon for his first degree programme at the age of 19. Honestly, I can’t express my happiness, some joys cannot be expressed in words, But I’m feeling so proud, had to share it with you all… Overwhelmed, can’t stop smiling. Just wishing you a […]

Zamfara2019:  The Six (6) Category/Type Of People Support Ibrahim Wakkala

Contact me: Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn ​ By Khalifa Ja’afar The Zamfara state deputy governor and gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Ibrahim Wakkala Muhammad, has a host of supporters on the Social Media than any other politician in Zamfara state due to his intervention, actively, on the Social Media activities. This intervention […]

Who Deserves To Be The Next Governor In Zamfara Come 2019?

Contact me: Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn By Khalifa Ja’afar Let’s begin by introducing the trustworthiness politicians, because trust is important, whether in marriage, employer-employee relationships, friends or elected officials. Trust, however, with today’s politicians is unbecoming every now and again. Are there any trustworthy politicians in Zamfara? After  six years from 2011 to date, watching politicians’ actions, especially my zone; […]