Is There Any Silver Bullet In Buhari’s Administration Which Solves Our Problem?

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By Khalifa Ja’afar

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, is a mild – mannered former Nigerian military, head of state in the 1980s who, again, became an unlucky elected president in 2015 and, therefore, faces his biggest challenges  amidst worst economic crisis, religious violence, cattle rustling and kidnapping across the country. The whole idea of electing Muhammadu Buhari was to make life cheaper, enjoyable and build more bridges of unity in four years and beyond. But, reverse is the case in the sense that 85% of Nigerians become extremely disappointed, crying, displaying dissatisfaction in his government policies and programmes. Compared to Jonathan’s regime, it has become and levelled worst under Buhari. Even thought, considering the fact that Jonathan was the worst president Nigeria ever had. In addition, the recent huge crowd that welcomed Jonathan, in the seat of the Caliphate Sokoto, asking for his return is a clear reflection of how bad things have become in Nigeria. It is believed that Nigerians are truly passing through hunger, hard times and can hardly withstand the pressure.

The clarion call made by the former CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, on Buhari’s economic policies is a clear indication that there is, hardly, a silver bullet that solves our economic and financial problems under his watch. Buhari’s administration, according to the National Assembly, has no economic blueprint to pull Nigeria out of recession and, like wise, minister for power, works and housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola confirmes thus: “prayers alone cannot take Nigeria out of recession”. This is the most annoying statement which deeply broken many Nigerians’ heart especially those who are waiting for some magic wands from his government. The above statements made by the respected people have clearly signified that the present government is not doing enough to lift us out of hunger and economic recession. So, if we believe Jonathan is an incompetent and clueless, i wonder what  incumbent is? If, however, in two years time, President Buhari has successfully made the life of an average Nigerians more hellish and cannot take us out of it, what assurance does he have in the next two years? How Nigerians would have become before he completes his first four years?

Many of our elders who know more about President Muhammadu Buhari, had foreseen all these and warned us not to cast our votes for him but we were bamboozled with vague promises and lies. We, therefore, owe them apology for our ignorance and the danger of electing him whilst they cautioned us. He brought a lie and we bought it like a dodgy salesman. He promised to transform Nigeria into a financial centre, a trading, export-oriented agricultural and manufacturing nation, thriving on free market policies and a vibrant private sector, sustained by a well-educated, trained, skilled, healthy, self-reliant and enterprising population and guaranteeing a well-balanced eco- system and a decent standard of living for one and all under a system of government based on the consent of the citizenry so as to strengthen Nigeria’s democracy, economy and make the country a better place for all.

The vision sounded great and promising during the electioneering campaign but he only succeeded in making things worst for Nigeria and Nigerians after he won the election. His government is directly or indirectly increasing the suffering of Nigerians even though it claims to be the opposite. Instead his government forgets about the past and focus on the future, but he has been claiming to fight corruption from the past, yet, forgetting that Nigerians did not vote for him to help fight corruption alone but to help Nigerians live a better and resound life. We have no business with the things that happened in the1980s; because we are not living in the past. This is 2016! After all, the recovered funds are not doing any good (yet?), but keeping our government busy in borrowing external US$30bn loans to embezzle and mortgage the future of the country in a huge foreign debt crisis when you must have left the throne.

Nigeria’s name; the giant of Africa, has disappeared. We are no longer a beacon of hope! We are not being governed according to the motto – “Peace, Unity and Progress” that is inscribed on our national coat of arms. His promise to instill accountability, transparency and probity in the heart of government is dead and buried 1,000 feet deep. The regime is not accountable to the electorates, nor is it transparent and trusted by the very people it claims to be serving. It is coincidence that what happened in 1983 is what is happening now. Many lives are being lost for hunger and starvation and, over 85% of our people are frustrated, hopeless, hungry, angry and disappointed in most of his government policies that only a blind man with no conscience would either ignorantly or hypocritically refuse to admit.

The average Nigerians become poorer by the day than how they were before 2015 and many families are struggling to make ends meet as well.Youth unemployment is at record level and many young Nigerians are now forced to take the long and dangerous journey across the sea in search of greener pastures. Is there brighter future for those Nigerian youths who are waiting for a gentle push? I doubt! Mr President, I do not really believe your equitable treatment policies because it does not seem to solve our problem rather escalating it. These policies are ill conceived and anti-masses that have instantly impoverish the lives of over 170 millions innocent Nigerians as a consequences of subsidy removal and banned  of rice importation which inflict more pains and hardship on Nigerians. Price of goods and services in the market hiked, leaving the common man in pain and the President refuses to listen to our innocent tears because he is a pachyderm, especially now that he is surrounded by sycophants who are ready to clap for his failures and insensitivity.

Buhari has ditched the principle of democracy and the rule of law and has become a tyrant. He is tightening his grip on power every day and is ruling the country with an iron hand, showing no mercy to the poor people, which is capable of throwing the nation into the state of anarchy. Nigerians crying, shouting and complaining anywhere in the country, yet he don’t care, is it that no person with conscience or man enough to whisper it to the man that he should down on travels?
Finally, Buhari has failed the leadership, credibility, honesty and whatever test you could think of. He has caused so much harm to Nigerians and it is generally believed that he is incapacitated of ruling the country judiciously and, In fact,  has failed woefully, So, if he really loves Nigeria the way he wants us to believe, we urged him to immediately reverse all his anti-masses policies and evolve feasible policies that will engender development in the country or, simply, step down for the sake of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Written by:– Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau

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​The Fact Behind The Viral Video of Senator From Zamfara

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By Khalifa Ja’afar

The two minute video of an elderly man kissing a woman went viral earlier this week, and must people claimed the man was a Senator Sahabi Ya’u Kaura from Zamfara state.

Actually the man is not a senator but a traditional ruler in one local government of Sokoto state, and the woman in the video is his wife who recorded and sent the video to her mate to make her feel ‘jealous’. The mate on the other hand shared the video online. This I can say is a big lesson to all the women that love to record their private life and share it to their friends.

That’s the reason why i always introspect before I put any pieces here on social media, when I see these explicit posts from mischievous and naughty people especially from our Muslim brothers, I feel like getting can to flog anyone that shares it online. Its is quiet ridiculous, who are always looking for a way to bring others down will be brought down as well… So be careful…
Written by Khalifa Ja’afar

KillingsKillings And kidnapping become common in Zamfara

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By Khalifa Ja’afar

Killings and Kidnapping in Zamfara is gradually becoming a mainstay in our lives. The quest for opulence and wanton disregard for the sanctity of human lives has bequeathed on us a depraved society of youthful rascality. How did we get to this extent? Any news about Zamfara this time will give you a sleepless nights.

If any state in the Northwestern Nigeria recorded rampant cases of attacks these days it was Zamfara, despite the ‘Operation Harbin Kunama’, launched by the President Muhammadu Buhari at Kuyen Bana Forest in Zamfara State against cattle rustlers and bandits terrorising, but the state turned to the kidnapping capital of Nigeria.

 Common Fulani herdsmen giving us headache and want to bring down the state economy to zero level. I was very shocked yesterday when I read the report from the BBC Hausa Service of kidnapping over 40 people at Magami in Gusau Local government area of Zamfara state which unfortunately cost the life of two police officers and four civilian. May their soul rest in peace.

This is really high time the state Government has to come in; since the governor is the chief security officer of the state. In this time of recession, we have so far seen many weird acts in Zamfara, Reports of kidnapping have become common in the state, people engaging in theft, rubbery, and even rate of killing innocent people. Zamfara state in five years experienced the worst form of such crimes in Nigerian history and still no one has been used as example by death sentence.

kidnapping which was first initiated by Niger Delta Militant, the Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba have never thought of kidnapping as a lucrative job until Niger Deltans introduced it. Today, Northern Region especially Zamfara have found kidnapping a good business. Not knowing that kidnapping does not make you rich, riches comes from Allah (s.w) alone. So do not try to dress it up nicely, kidnapping is not a business, it is a callous heartless crime that cares little for the misery and suffering inflicted on others and exploiting the desperation of others.

Now is time, Government should must enshrine the DEATH PENALTY for kidnapping into our constitution before they finish us off, because it appears every greedy thief is trying to use it to raise money while causing hardship on innocent victims and their loved ones.
May God frustrate all the plans of the wicked and lead the police to capture the evil ones… Ameen

Written by: Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau

Interview granted by President’s wife is sad but the truth 

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The controversial interview granted by President’s wife Aisha Buhari is really sad but the truth that I called sincerity, say the truth nomatter what or keep shut. Many people blame Aisha for betraying and exposing her husband’s government, I really doubt if she can do that to her husband, I can’t believe it. I only call it sincerity to the husband because history will be written tomorrow of his failure after so many attempts. Therefore whatever you see it, I believe Aisha loves and wants her husband to succeed than you. She knows her husband more than any Nigerian. The fact is that President Muhammadu Buhari is caged by men (‘yan tayi dadi) who did not even vote for him which resulted his wife and other members of the APC frustrated with the President because he has refused to make the change expected of his government. This I can say kudos to Aisha, one day your kind words of encouragement and truth shall yield positive result.

By: Khalifa Ja’afar

My Elder Brother’s Son Depart To Lebanon

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My Elder Brother’s son Mahdi Nasir Ja’afar depart to Lebanon for his first degree programme at the age of 19. Honestly, I can’t express my happiness, some joys cannot be expressed in words, But I’m feeling so proud, had to share it with you all… Overwhelmed, can’t stop smiling. Just wishing you a positive reflection.

Zamfara2019:  The Six (6) Category/Type Of People Support Ibrahim Wakkala

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By Khalifa Ja’afar

The Zamfara state deputy governor and gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Ibrahim Wakkala Muhammad, has a host of supporters on the Social Media than any other politician in Zamfara state due to his intervention, actively, on the Social Media activities. This intervention has resulted in having a lot of supporters on Facebook and WatsApp.
Beside the Social Media, he has large number of supporters in the central zone specifically Gusau, Tsafe amongst others.
Set of the people below are amongst his supporters:

1• Pro-Yarima: As far as this set of people is concerned, they blindly support any candidate as long as he belongs to Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura, wherever he may ask them to go politically, would have been their final destination whether they like it or not and therefore expected to become die hard supporters of Ibrahim Wakkala.
2• His Relatives and Friends: If you were in his shoes, where are you going to pitch your tent? Do I need to write something about this set of people? Friends and relatives will support you no matter the challenge except and unless for the fact that the person is irresponsible and/or fake friends. YES, if so facto, they are not Qualify to be addressed as your friends nor your family!
3• Indigene of Gusau: This is another set of people who support him just because he is a bonafide indigene of Gusau. It is as simple as A, B and beautiful C.
4• Those Who Are Tired Of The Present Administration: They are tired of Abdul-Aziz Yari! His style in governance, policy and programmes are not favourable to them and loudly cry out for substitution! They think the only candidate who could change this government’s policy and programmes to better would have been Ibrahim Wakkala. So who else will they support?
5• The Follow-Follow: This set of people only follow what majority of people are being projecting Online and therefore as far as the internet is concerned they are  fully in supporting Ibrahim Wakkala just because they see people online writing or chanting “Sai Malam sai Malam” (Up Malam) no more no less.

6• Those Who Stand With Him: They are being selected and few people within Gusau and Tsafe whom he inspires in the need to fight and stand with him since he knows no any leader would hitherto abandoned his people and then galvanised them to stand firm and fight for him.
So far so good, but  alas! These six (6) category/type of supporters are not really good and strong enough to build a government or take one to the promise land. Hence, I therefore call on Ibrahim Wakkala, the deputy governor, to wisely and earnestly reflect back 2011and identify his well wishers whom he enjoyed  robust and overwhelming support who, along the line, risk all they had to ensure he became the deputy governor of Zamfara state, instead of giving ears to political blackmailers and sycophants in which some of them (‘Yan tayi dadi) have just come closer to him so as to divide his house which may lead to a bitter and unpleasant end (God forbid).

Quensequently, let me give a glaring example of people who had campaigned for him on the Social Media that we very well know since 2010. I am not citing this example for myself, but for the entire youths on the Social Media in such away that must of them queue behind him as their political Godfather, thus, i believe what they are really seeing today is not what they clamoured for. I therefore only want to remind him how he started, how they marched for him and how they faced the gunboats for his sake. If not for the wonderful triumph over the previous government, most of them would have been kept in secret facilities if former Governor Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi had return to the power April 2011. Yet, all they see today are negligence and rejection, (duk mai son gaskiya ya san haka).

Back to the memory lane, now about seven years despite the host of supporters he has on the Social Media, you hardly mention a single person from this world  (Social Media) who he has lifted from poverty to self-reliance or sponsored a single person from the social media to any Nigerian institution not to talk of abroad.
Now he want to succeed governor Abdul-Aziz Yari come 2019. How does he expect such people to dedicate their energy and their resources to stand firm, once again, and fight for him?
Finally, I believe those abandoned people are ‘smart’ and ‘strong’ enough to lead his campaign organisation on the Social Media but, unfortunately, they have been reduced to the actors in a silent movie.
Written by: Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau

Who Deserves To Be The Next Governor In Zamfara Come 2019?

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By Khalifa Ja’afar

Let’s begin by introducing the trustworthiness politicians, because trust is important, whether in marriage, employer-employee relationships, friends or elected officials. Trust, however, with today’s politicians is unbecoming every now and again. Are there any trustworthy politicians in Zamfara?

After  six years from 2011 to date, watching politicians’ actions, especially my zone; Zamfara central. Trusting them is like trusting an Armed robber who had not eaten for a day. 
However, My people should please step up to the plate and actively seek out candidates who they think are honorable and trustworthy, not politicians practicing politics of money, politics of rice and what have you.
Moreover, you may likely find someone who you trust and queue behind him as your career politician but he is not going to add value to your life; Only that he comes today, gives you a bag of rice, after a while it is exhausted; and tomorrow also comes and gives you N10,000 that may not cook a pot of soup that will last for three weeks. Only few of you benefiting from him. We therefore have to move beyond that. It is all about someone you know  who would have built  what would have been done today that could secure or guarantee your future and that of your children.
Whether we like it or not, the tomorrow of Zamfara State cannot be adequately taken care of without reference to its yesterday. A man who fails to keep the memory of his yesterday be it success or failure cannot adequately take care of his tomorrow. Trustworthy politicians who become Governor in Zamfara state after Abdul-Aziz Yari are anchored or tap-rooted in the systematic progress and development of Zamfara State. I think the vital questions for who wants to be a Governor of our dear State are: 

  • What is his interest in Governance?
  • Are you aspiring for governorship to enrich yourself and your family?
  • Are you coming to be a Governor for the name sake, docile, while your political Godfather and few people loot the treasury at your watch and you do nothing about it?

We need leaders who will cry and weep when the people cry and weep like what Muhammadu Buhari did during his campaign. We need leaders who will smile and laugh only when they see such expressions of emotion in the people like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo when he increased minimum wage and Yariman Bakura paid Zamfara civil servant more than what federal government was paying.
We are tired of leaders who sit back in their cozy houses and offices sipping tea and lemons, while their people’s houses are being swept away by flood and erosion. We are tired of leaders who fly in aeroplanes while their people die in undone death-trap roads and streets. We are tired of leaders who send their children to overseas schools while the children of the poor   have been schooling in dilapidated buildings under sun and rain. We are tired of leaders who leave our health facilities unequipped for our use while they use our money to fly overseas for treatment.
We need leaders who are and will ever be touched with the feeling of our sufferings. All these should form the basis for who our next Governor should have been. This person should/must have been better than our previous governors by far, otherwise, we will not settle for the less. We wants their successor in office to do better than them. In fact this is the mind of a selfless, pragmatic, and progressive leader who has the people’s interest deeply rooted in his heart. A good leader produces better leaders who will not only sustain his dreams and visions, but also enhances on them.
There is nothing wrong with anyone to aspire for the office of the governor; but the populace deserves to know early enough, specifically the vision of each candidate – and how they intend to run the State. We need to know their plans for Zamfara State especially how they intend to enshrine permanent peace and drive economic development. Enough of clandestine and underground politicking!!
Until the world comes to an end, the governors and leaders of our dear state are going to be from Zamfara State citizens. Therefore, while men do their selection, we need earnest prayers by those who know how to pray, so that ‘Righteous’ men will emerge from  primaries  elections and make us to rejoice and dance thereafter. We must pray against Satan’s candidates who will take us back to the quagmire of underdevelopment.
As far as I am concerned, we should play down on the things which had dragged us backward hitherto. If it is possible, I can lay aside issues of zoning (as demonstrated in my previous article, titled “Will Zamfara Central Produce A Governor?” ). In fact, if a man from another state has continually been resident in Zamfara State as required by the Nigeria Constitution to qualify as citizen; and is qualified by his pedigree to rule well as a governor or leader, such a person should be allowed. The qualities of a leader should be uppermost in our hearts and not sentiments. Sentiments sometimes, gives people failure, backwardness and disappointments!
We therefore have to scrutinize the activities of politicians who seek to govern Zamfara State. If you want to run a private business, we don’t need to go through all this, but if you want to govern the state as well as if you want to be entrusted with public treasury, certainly, it can’t be those who already have a history of stealing shamelessly and not those who cannot keep up to their promises and forget any of their well wishers who contribute immensely in one way or the other during campaign.

This is a wake up call!

Written by: Khalifa Ja’afar Gusau